Message from Organizing Presidents

DONARTE 2022 is the first of its kind scientific event wherein we plan to doing fusion of Science with Art. This will include scientific conference on various aspects of organ donation and transplantation, art exhibition, social awareness events with awards for science, poetry, music, painting competition on various aspects of organ donation and transplantation activities.

Donation itself is an Art which requires courage, awareness, and generosity.
DONARTE 2022 is a unique international event organized by the Anesthesia Unit and the Intensive Care Unit of AOU Policlinico Gaetano Martino, at University of Messina, Sicily (Italy). This two-day event will be held in the in the enchanting territory of the Strait of Messina wherein we have lined up world renowned national and international faculties, from different continents, who will be sharing their experiences on advances in brain death certification, organ donation and transplantation.

This international conference takes its name from two kids that we want to honor: Nicholas Green and Rolly Prajapati. DOnation and Art: Nicholas and Rolly Testimonials.
Nicholas Green was the seven-year-old American boy shot in an attempted robbery on the Salerno to Reggio Calabria highway on September 29th, 1994, and died two days later, October 1st in Messina. Nicholas' organs and corneas were donated to seven very sick Italians. In the following ten years organ donations in Italy tripled. Twenty-eight years later, Rolly Prajapati, a six-yearold Indian baby girl has been victim of a similar event, being shot dead on 27th of April 2022, in Noida UP, India, and her family consented to donate her organs when she was declared brain dead on 30th April, 2022. Three months later, Rolly's case inspired parents of Master Rishant, 16 months old brain dead child, to donate his organs to save the lives of other children in India, becoming the youngest organ donor in All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS), in Delhi, India. As in Italy, organ donations did increase in New Delhi after Rolly case.

We invite you to come to Messina City in the month of October when the weather is going to be just perfect for you. Your participation and contributions to scientific discussions will help in better understanding about various issues related to organ retrieval and transplantations and help in creating awareness/promotion of organ donations in countries having unmet needs for organs despite high number of potential donors.

Looking forwards to welcome you in Messina, Sicily in first week of October, 2022

Anna Teresa Mazzeo, Antonio David, Deepak Gupta


Prof. Anna T. Mazzeo

Chief of Anesthesia Unit, AOU Policlinico Gaetano Martino, Associate Professor of Anesthesia and Intensive Care, University of Messina, Messina, Italy

Prof. Antonio David

Chief of Intensive Care Unit, AOU Policlinico Gaetano Martino, Professor of Anesthesia and Intensive Care, University of Messina, Messina, Italy

Prof. Deepak Gupta

Professor of Neurosurgery All India Institute of Medical Sciences and Associated JPN Apex Trauma Centre, New Delhi, India

Reginald Green
Honorary President

Nicholas Green Foundation, USA

Scientific Secretary:
Anna Teresa Mazzeo

Members of Scientific Committe:
Antonio David, Deepak Gupta, Maria De Pasquale, Vincenzo Fodale, Alberto Noto, Claudio Galletti, Eugenia Pedulla', Luigi Cardia, Giuseppe Magazzu', Giuliana Mazzeo, Salvatore Micalizzi, Vincenzo F. Tripodi, Luciana Mascia, Vito Fanelli, Francesco Procaccio, Franco Saporito, Francesco Puliatti, Olivia Penna

Previous Teachers at Anesthesia and Intensive Care School in Messina:
Salvatore Montanini, Angelo Sinardi, Letterio Bruno Santamaria, Rosario De Salvo, Francesco Saverio Venuti, Silvestro Fama', Antonella Spada, Tanino Sutera, Walter Pirrotta, Caterina Pratico', Tullio Lucanto, Luciano Guzzo, Caterina Crisafi, Salvatore Tanania, Pinella Maimone, Giovanni Chille', Fiorella Picone, Luca Siracusano, Viviana Girasole, Tommaso Mandolfino, Epifanio Mondello

Artistic event Committee:
Co-organized by Comune di Messina
Alessandra Calafiore, Michele Amoroso, Rachele Gerace, Maria Francesca Tommasini, Giuliana Mazzeo, Vincenzo F. Tripodi, Gianfranco Lenzo, Pasquale Capua, Alessandro Franze', Enza La Monaca, Teresa David, Sabrina Giusto, Antonello Neri, Enzo Marando, Raffaella Mallamace, Gloria Franchina, Federica Manti, Rosalia Campanella, Silvana Curro', Ivan Alonge, Tiziana De Salvo, Anna Teresa Mazzeo

DONARTE2022 Award Art Jury:
Giuseppe Giordano, Caterina Di Giacomo, Richard B. Woodward, Simone Calio' (Figurative Arts); Maria Florinda Minniti, Maria Francesca Tommasini, Flavia Vizzari (Literary arts)

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With free patronage

Con il riconoscimento di SIAARTI

Donation and Art: Nicholas And Rolly Testimonials
Scientific Conference, Art exhibition and Awards for Science, poetry, music, dance, photo, painting and much more