2nd International Conference DONARTE 2023

DOnation and Art: Nicholas And Rolly Testimonials
Bridging knowledge gaps in organ donation and transplantation
Themes: Preventing Brain Death, Preventing Organ dysfunction,
Preventing primary graft dysfunction


Bridging knowledge gaps in organ donation and transplantation Themes: Preventing Brain Death, Preventing Organ dysfunction, Preventing primary graft dysfunction

Venue: University of Messina, Aula Magna Rettorato

Scientific Program

Day 1, Friday 29 September 2023

08:00-08:30 Registration

Pre-conference Workshops

08:30-12:30 Simulation and Training in Organ Donation and Transplantation.
Coordinators: Vincenzo Francesco Tripodi, Luigi Cardia, Antonello Neri
Scenarios (Six stations to rotate): Duration 30 min each station.
(Aula Magna, Aula Commissioni, Aula Senato, Aula Cannizzaro, Aula Ex Chimica, Aula Silvestri)

  1. Diagnosis of death. Determination of death by neurological criteria in adults and pediatric patients. When do I need ancillary tests? How to perform Apnea test? Documentation. (Aula Magna)
    Thomas Nakagawa (USA), Takashi Araki (Japan), George Nita (UK), Alfredo Conti (BO), Enzo Marando (ME), Pasquale Capua (ME), Teresa David (ME)
    Residents: G. Luppino, R. Messina

  2. Pathophysiological changes at the moment of brain death and their management. Donor management goals. Protective mechanical ventilation. Pediatric challenges. (Aula Cannizzaro)
    Deepak Gupta (India), Salvatore Micalizzi (ME), Giuliana Mazzeo (ME), Enza la Monaca (ME), Sabrina Giusto (ME)
    Residents: A. Franze', La Speme

  3. ECMO. DCD programs. Ex Situ Machine Perfusion. (Aula Ex Chimica)
    Vito Fanelli (TO), Damiano Patrono (TO), Giovanni Lino (PA), Franco Saporito (ME), Francesco Patane' (ME), Mara Zucchetti (ME), Silvio Tommasini (ME), Mariacristina Vadala' (ME), Giovanni Zaccone (ME)
    Residents: F. Sorrenti, G. Cusumano, I. Napoli

  4. Communication in the ICU. Breaking bad news. (Aula Senato)
    Sara Mascarin (RM), Nuria Masnou (Spain), Mehmoud Helmi Saedon (UK), Maria De Pasquale (ME), Raffaella Mallamace (ME)
    Residents: A. Caruso, Bisignano, M. Sparacino

  5. Novel way of communicating Science through Expression and Movement. Formatting and writing a press release for your event. (Aula Commissioni)
    Sunil Shroff (India), Pranitha Kamat (Zurich), Viola Edward (Cyprus), Hatice Ozalp (Cyprus), Roberto Ianni (ME), Alessia Bartolotta (ME)
    Residents: C. Maccarrone, S. Lanza, S. Grasso

  6. Implementation of programs for cornea donation and transplantation. (Aula Silvestri)
    Gary Jones (VE), Umberto Camellin (ME), Salvatore Leonardi (ME), Lorenza Mazzeo (ME), Antonio Amato (ME), Pasquale Vazzana (ME)
    Residents: M. Calabrese, R. Minasi, M. Foti, E. Calabro'
10.30-11.00 Coffee Break

11:00-12:00 Round Table. Brain storming on Organ Donation as Key Objective of Hospital. National Transplant Center Director meets Hospital's Operators. (Aula Accademia Peloritana dei Pericolanti) Coordinators: Giorgio Battaglia (CRT, Regional Transplant Center), Francesco Puliatti (Local Coordinator, ME), Olivia Penna (Local Coordination Representative, ME)

Interventions by Director National Transplant Center (CNT), Hospital Medical Directors, Sicilian Local Coordinators, Foreign Countries Transplant Centers, and by Representatives from all time-sensitive pathways of the City hospitals: Hospital Directors, Emergency Medicine, Anesthesia and Intensive Care, Cardiology, Cardiac Surgery, Thoracic surgery, Neurosurgery, Neurology, Pathologists, Laboratory management, Radiology, Medico-legal, Psychology, Pediatrics and Neonatology, Ophthalmology, Cystic Fibrosis, and the Associations.

12.30-13.30 Lunch Break

14.00-14.30 Inauguration Ceremony (Aula Magna Rettorato)
Authorities Welcome. Message from Reginald Green (USA)

14.30-16.30 Section 1. Mission: Preventing acute brain injury. (15 min each)
Moderators: Antonio David, Deepak Gupta, Anna Teresa Mazzeo

Neurotrauma Care: A Worldwide Perspective. Franco Servadei (MI)
Preventing brain death: the risks of unnecessarily pessimistic outcome expectations. Andrew Maas (Belgium)
Determining death. Understanding principles of neurologic and circulatory death. Thomas Nakagawa (USA)
Models of organ donation management. Marti' Manyalich (Spain)
Update on Donation and Transplantation program in Italy. Massimo Cardillo (RM)
Healing for the Healers. Mahesh Karandikar (India)

17.00-24:00 MEDNIGTH Mediterranean Night of Researchers at University of Messina

DAY 2, Saturday 30 September 2023

08:30-10:00 Section 2. Mission: Preventing organ deterioration in the ICU (12 min each)
Moderators: Massimo Cardillo, Franco Servadei, Deepak Gupta, Flavio Angileri, Massimo Cardali

New Insights on TBI from the CENTER-TBI studies. Andrew Maas (Belgium)
Organ donation from children with abusive head trauma, its pathology and discussion. Araki Takashi (Japan)
Circuitry of Awareness and wakefulness. A Neurosurgical perspective. Alfredo Conti (BO)
Tricks and pitfalls in EEG monitoring. Angelo Labate (ME)
Devastating brain injury and end of life decisions in neurocritical care. Carlo Alberto Castioni (BO)
Key factors in the management of DBD and DBD-like donors as part of the end-of-life in ICU. Francesco Procaccio (VR)
ICOD: Intensive care to facilitate organ donation. Nuria Masnou (Spain)

10.00-10.30 Coffee Break and Visit the Art Exhibition

10:30-12:00 Section 3. Mission: Uniting the world with Act of Organ Donation (12 min each)
Moderators: Marti Manyalich, Francesco Procaccio, Carmelo Romeo, Stefano Agosta

International Training and Cooperation in organ and tissue donation worldwide. Marti' Manyalich (Spain)
UAE Organ Donation and Transplantation System. Ali Alobeidli (UAE)
The UAE Critical Pathway in Organ Donation. Maria Paula Gomez (UAE)
Assessment of Ghana's Intensive Care Units towards Organ Donation and Transplantation. Samuel Kaba Akoriyea (Ghana)
How we are using Art to promote organ donation in India. Sunil Shroff (India)
The importance of organ donation memorial artworks. Harry van de Bospoort (UK)

12:00-13:30 Section 4. Empowering DCD programs (12 min each)
Moderators: Antonio Arcadipane, Antonio Micari, Filippo Benedetto, Giovanni Squadrito

Donors after cardiocirculatory death (DCD). Marti Manyalich (Spain)
Appraising the current evidence in managing DCD. Ajay Sharma (UK)
DCD heart in Italy. Gino Gerosa (PD)
Lung-U DCD: organization and management. Alberto Zanella (MI)
DCD program in Sicily. Gaetano Burgio (PA)
What information do journalists want to stimulate their interest in an organ donation/transplantation story? Irene Carmina (PA)
The Good, Bad and Ugly of Social Media for organ donation. Sunil Shroff (India)

13.30-14.00 Lunch Break and Visit the Art Exhibition

14.00-15.30 Section 5. Mission: Saving the heart, saving the lung, in the community, in the ICU, in the recipient (12 min each)
Moderators: Giuseppe Navarra, Gianluca Di Bella, Cristina Lucanto, Gaetano Caramori, Alberto Noto

May Informed Health Choices be important? Giuseppe Magazzu' (ME)
Exploring new frontiers: Advancements in treatment of Brugada Syndrome Progression. Vincenzo Santinelli (MI)
Miocadial protection in cardiac transplant from donor to recipient: anesthesiologist-intensivist perspective. Daniela Pasero (SS)
Preventing lung injury in the community. Carlo Vancheri (CT)
Protective mechanical ventilation. Vito Fanelli (TO)
Preventing primary graft dysfunction. Alessandro Bertani (PA)

15.30-18.30 Section 6. Mission: Saving the kidney, saving the liver, in the community, in the ICU, in the recipient (12 min each) Kidney
Moderators: Giorgio Battaglia, Giuseppe Santoro, Savino Borraccino, Sebastiano Macheda
RRT and its implementations from bridge to transplant to organ protection. Gabriella Bottari (RM)
Robotic Kidney Transplantation. Amit Sharma (USA)
Kidney transplantation from living donors. A Necessity or additional resource. Roberto Cacciola (RM)
Robotic Live Donor Nephrectomies. Amit Sharma (USA)
Health economics of organ donation and transplantation. Lara Gitto (ME), Roberto Cacciola (RM) Preemptive kidney transplant. Domenico Santoro (ME)

Moderators: Giovanni Raimondo, Eugenio Cucinotta, Iolanda Russo Menna, Antonino Scafidi
Strategies to enlarge the donor pool in an area with chronic organ shortage. Salvatore Gruttadauria (PA)
Changing indication to liver transplant. Silvia Trapani (RM)
Machine perfusion: saving livers from the fear of an unsuccessful transplant. Damiano Patrono (TO)
Immunosuppressive therapy and Infectious disease after transplant. Giovanna Panarello (PA)

Day 3, Sunday 1 October 2023

09:00-10.30 Section 7. Mission: Improving organ donor management (12 min each)
Moderators: Eloisa Gitto, Alessio Asmundo, Massimiliano Sorbello, Vincenzo Mazzarese, Francesco Puliatti

Expanding the donor pool: new approaches/strategies/practices. Nuria Masnou (Spain)
Adult donor management. Anna Teresa Mazzeo (ME)
Pediatric donor management. Thomas Nakagawa (USA)
Ethics and challenges in the care of the pediatric patient. Gabriella Bottari (RM)
Visiting the Yogi within. Mahesh Karandikar (India)
How strong is the evidence in support of what we do in DBD organ retrieval? Ajay Sharma (UK)

Nicholas Green Anniversary Memorial
Living with my new liver. Testimonial by Maria Pia Pedala'
The story of our donation. The Video of Maestro Nicola Arena at piano

10.30-11.00 Coffee Break and Visit the Art Exhibition

11:00-13:00 New perspectives in organ donation and transplantation (12 min each)
Moderators: Edoardo Spina, Vincenzo Fodale, Alessandro Meduri, Ettore Panascia

The need of Pathologist in the transplant team. Maria Lentini (ME)
Artificial intelligence in Medicine: Advances in organ donation and transplantation. Iolanda Russo-Menna (USA)
Artificial intelligence in neurosciences. Deepak Gupta (India)
Sicilian experience in uterus transplantation. Pierfrancesco Veroux (CT)
Exploring new frontiers: bladder transplant. Vincenzo Ficarra (ME)
What is new in eye banking and cornea transplantation. Gary Jones (VE)
Communication: the essence of life. Viola Edward (Cyprus)
The importance of communication in the Sicilian Region. Marisa Cottone (CRT Sicily)

13:00-13.30 Conference Closing Remarks. Vote of Thanks.


Art Exhibition at Conference Venue on September 30 th and October 1st

Gran Gala' Awareness on Organ Donation and Transpantation. Palacultura Antonello da Messina,
Saturday 30 September h.21.00 (Free entrance)

Scientific Secretary:
Anna Teresa Mazzeo
Head of Anesthesia Unit. AOU Policlinico Gaetano Martino, Messina
Associate Professor of Anesthesia and Intensive Care. University of Messina
email: annateresamazzeo@unime.it

Organizing Secretary:
Bisazza Gangi
Largo San Giacomo, 1 - 98122 Messina (Italy)
Phone +39 090 675351 - E-MAIL: donarte2023@bisazzagangi.it